среда, 04. јануар 2012.

2012! We will live, not simply survive!

To whom it may concern,

Yet another 365 days have passed and I find myself trying to make something special for all of those who made a mark in my life.

Once again, this is a letter written in English… Maybe we should see this as my own need of alienating from others - who knows!

Dear everyone,

The 365 days behind us have been long, filled with problems and every day struggles, but we have survived, lived and cherished each one of those no matter what. I do hope some of my wishes have come true, but I also hope that beside those you created your own which are strengthening the inner heart’s desire to go on and fight.

For next 366 days I want you to greet yourself in a mirror every morning with warm smile and determination that none should be lacking these days. It will another long year by all standards, and it will be even harder then many before. Yet we are survivors! I believe in all of you - I know you are warriors in heart and soul.

Please, use each of 366 days that are coming to create, recreate and lay to rest all and nothing about you. If you are pushed to the ground never stay there, never accept less than you deserve and risk it!

Without risk there is no happiness, no success and no excitement in life. Yet never alienate yourself from people, because we are human and we need each other. Cherish all those around you, know them and never forget that “no man is an island”.

In the end I know that no matter what we have to face in next 366 days we will face it proud and with pride. Why? Because “It’s better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees! “ and you, people I care so much about, are just like that!

Enjoy 2012 no matter what, because we are human. We should always posses the knowledge of how to live, not only survive like animals.

Happy New Year all you who have taken time to read these words and may the winds of change never catch you unprepared.

Yours truly,


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