петак, 31. децембар 2010.

My wishes for you

To whom it may concern,

I am writing you this letter in only language I have ever been able to truly express myself. It might sounds crude and cruel, but it is solemn truth that these words are more capable of transcending my thoughts to you then those written in Serbian.

Dear lovers. Dear friends. Dear readers. Dear co-workers.

There are so many things I want to bless you with in these first hours of the new year.

Do I wish that this year turns out to be better then last for you? Yes, I do!
Do I wish that you become happier? Yes, I do!
Do I wish that you become more successful? Yes, I do!

Yet the thing I want you to accomplish the most in this New Year is THE CHANGE! I wish that you change to be better and stronger person! I wish that you experience changes that you have been striving to accomplish! I desire to see you change your surrounding, your life, yourself!

I wish that every moment you spend on this 365 days long journey is better then one before. I wish you find a person whom will fulfill and surprise you every day without fear of losing you. I wish that you grow to be open, more accepting and before anything filled with knowledge that you will stand behind every action you are about to take in the future. I wish that you self-discover yourself, reinvent all the things that have been bothering you and set , yet again, certain path toward your life goals.

Make this new year special! Make sure that when next year comes you stand ready not to start another new journey with words 'new chance for a beginning', but rather idea that 1st of January 2012. is just another day to be better, happier and stronger.

And if any of these wishes have already been granted to you consider yourself lucky and be thankful for that.

Enjoy 2011 with more grace and more faith in yourself as well as others!

Happy New Year all you who have taken time to read these words and may the winds of change never catch you unprepared.

Your dear,

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